Hedrick's Bed & Breakfast

Room prices include:
Evening Tour, Evening Snack, Home-cooked Breakfast, Morning Tour, Camel and Pony Rides

Room Prices

Bed & Breakfast Amenities

As a Bed & Breakfast Guest you are free to walk around the farm to see and pet the animals.
(We ask guests not to enter the barns and pen areas without a tour guide.)

(We are a working farm. There are animals (goats, chickens, peacocks, dogs, cats, etc. that wander around the farm.)

Sitting Room


Sitting Area:

Chess and Checkerboards
Board Games
Toys for Small Children
Lounge area with a TV (this is the only TV)

(You can watch the kangaroos in the
evening from the sitting room)

Downstairs Lobby:

Pool Table

Lobby Pets - Rabbit, Fish and Bearded Dragon

Old West Room


Old West Room/Game Room:

Breakfast Room
Lounge Area
Ice Machine
Water Dispenser
Guest Refrigerator
Drink Mixes - Tea Bags & Instant Coffee

Basketball, Ping Pong, Foosball and Air Hockey

Contact Pen


Contact Pen:

Bed & Breakfast guests can pet and
interact with various animals that
are in the contact pen.

(The Giraffe's will hang out
with you too!)




Playhouse, Sandbox, Swings, Slide, TetterTotter

To enjoy the outdoors, Bed & Breakfast guests
have access to our playground.

Room Prices include: evening tour,
evening snack, breakfast, morning tour,
camel and pony rides.

  • True to the western heritage of Kansas, the Bed & Breakfast reflects the image of main street in the Old West, complete with an outdoor balcony which is accessible from each room.

  • Come and stay in one of our many beautifully decorated suites, each with a hand-painted mural, depicting special animals here on the farm. Hedrick's offers a relaxing, quiet country atmosphere, with the fun of safari-type rooms.

Room Pricing

- Each Room is Unique -

(4 Family Rooms, 4 Standard Rooms, 1 Luxury Room)

Room rates listed do not include sales tax and service fee.
We Accept:

(Each room has a private bathroom. The rooms Do Not have a TV.)

Family Room

$210 - $230 a night

Prices are for up to 4 guests

Number and type of beds vary by room

(6 - 10 guests maximum)
$20 each additional guest
(Some Restrictions Apply)

Standard Room

$155 a night

Prices are for up to 2 guests

One Queen Bed

(4 guests maximum)
$20 each additional guest
(Some Restrictions Apply)

Luxury Room

$185 a night

Prices are for up to 2 guests

One King Bed

(4 guests maximum)
$20 each additional guest
(Restrictions Apply)

Bed & Breakfast Itinerary and Policies

(You might need to allow pop-ups)